Our Business

VinoD Weavings, as a dynamic group, is engaged in a diverse array of businesses, showcasing a portfolio of renowned brands across multiple sectors. Our presence extends into Textiles, Apparel, Denim, Consumer Care, Engineering, and Real Estate, reflecting a commitment to excellence and innovation across various industries. With a strategic focus on quality and forward-thinking initiatives, VinoD Weavings continues to make significant strides in delivering top-tier products and services within our expansive and varied portfolio.

OTC/Domestic Sales

With a rich legacy of 40 years in delivering top-notch fabrics, VinoD Weavings has emerged as a formidable player in the domestic Dhoti and Lungi industry. Our products seamlessly align with the latest fashion trends, garnering an enthusiastic response from discerning consumers.

Our extensive network spans over large numbers of retailers nationwide, delivering state-of-the-art, high-quality fabrics throughout the year. . Beyond offering a diverse fabric range, our impact on the industry extends to innovative contributions. We introduced the concept of combo boxes, now recognized as a unique gifting option suitable for any occasion.

Brands and Retail

Distinguished by cutting-edge designs, VinoD Weavings introduces haute couture fabrics in the B2B segment. Our team of design consultants is dedicated to achieving a harmonious blend of quality and comfort, consistently incorporating the latest fashion trends tailored to consumer preferences.

Central to our ethos is a commitment to ongoing innovation in our product offerings. Among our highly sought-after special finishes are features like wrinkle resistance, moisture absorbency, odour resistance, and 4-way stretch. With a robust production capacity of  fabric per month, we strive to meet the dynamic demands of the market.


VinoD Weavings has established its prominence in the global market as a reputable exporter of formalwear woven products. Our reach spans over Pan India

Our diverse product range includes an array of dyed products, various weaves, and designs, catering to the discerning preferences of our global clientele. Additionally, our advanced processing capabilities enable us to meet distinct “hand-feel” finishing requirements, offering options such as super-soft touch, peach finishing, extra shine, and more. This commitment to versatility ensures that we can meet the varied demands of our customers.

Ready To Wear

In curating our ready-to-wear collection, we meticulously select the finest fabrics to guarantee superior quality and a perfect fit. Collaborating seamlessly with our design and merchandising teams, we have successfully served domestic wear.

Venturing beyond our core business, specifically crafted for the youth and the next generation. These collections reflect our commitment to staying attuned to evolving trends and preferences, offering stylish and cultural options for the discerning consumer.


Our yarn business stands as a testament to the highest quality, encompassing the sale of dyed polyester and cotton yarn.

In our specialized product line, space-dyed yarn, we employ advanced dyeing techniques with precision, setting us apart in terms of both quality and diversity.

Equipped with the latest vessel dyeing technology, precise dyes and chemicals recipes, auto-dispensing machines, state-of-the-art lab equipment, and a highly skilled workforce, our dyeing plant ensures excellence at every stage. Committed to environmental responsibility, we have secured certifications attesting to our commitment to sustainability and safety.